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Try our New Get Pure Demineralizing Treatment!

Combat build up and residue by using Get Pure hair clarifying treatment.


--- Get Pure will give you cleaner bleaches, better deposit of color and achieve stronger, more vibrant colors

--- Eliminate poor coverage on resistant hair and premature color washout. 

--- Removes stubborn, dull green tones or rusty tints. 

--- Natural colored hair will be brighter, shinier and silkier to the touch.


Get Pure is one of the only clarifiers that works at nearly 100% efficiency in removing all types of hair build up, including metallic deposits such as copper and iron.

By using an ionic attraction to remove the minerals, like a magnet----the natural oils, proteins and hair dye will stay inside the cuticle of hair leaving your hair feeling hydrated and healthy.

BOOK your Get Pure prior to any haircut or color service!

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